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The future is here

Photovoltaic power plant,
which vydělává i v noci.
Stačí 25 000 Kč.

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    Working smart with power

    SOMI photovoltaic power plants control the energy flow so that,
    to optimally meet your objectives. They take into account sunlight forecasts
    and spot electricity prices on the exchange.

    Depending on your preferences, they autonomously decide how much of the electricity they use and how much they store, sell or buy at a bargain
    from the distribution network. The artificial intelligence learns your habits and adapts the behaviour of the power plant to them. The result is higher profits and a smaller carbon footprint without any worries.

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    Turnkey delivery

    We will take care of material delivery, installation and commissioning.

    Short lead time

    Components are in stock and can be ready in a few weeks.

    We will process the grant for you

    We will arrange the grant with payment within 6-9 weeks.

    Financing option

    For those interested, we can arrange a favourable bridging loan.


    Why SOMI?

    We are changing the future of clean energy. We hold patented solutions for autonomous control of PV and battery storage.

    We supply complete PV plants equipped with unique technology that fulfills your wishes better than you could on your own.

    More about SOMI

    Solutions for family and apartment houses, companies and photovoltaic farms

    SOMI power plants and components

    From plan to reality

    How SOMI implements intelligent installations
    photovoltaic power plants?

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    How to get a smart
    SOMI photovoltaic power plant

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    We will handle all the documentation including the application for subsidy for you.
    We will carry out the installation within a few weeks, at the latest within 4 months after signing the contract.
    The subsidy will be paid within 6-9 weeks after the first parallel connection.

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