Now for the first 100 interested parties photovoltaics for 240 000 CZK with roof insulation included. More information here.


Implementation of photovoltaic
SOMI power plants

SOMI's cutting-edge technology has reached customers around the world. Take a look at some of the installations that are making the most of the sunshine for their owners.
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Další firma, kde ušetří za energie, se nachází v Cholupicích na Praze 12. Tentokrát jsme po domluvě s klientem instalovali 60 fotovoltaických modulů o celkovém výkonu 33 kWp. Navíc dojde k ročnímu snížení emisí CO₂ o téměř 12 tun. Děkujeme za vloženou důvěru.

Power plant parameters

Type of realization Company
Production 33 kWp
Panels 60x Mono PERC 550W
Inverter 2x 12kW
Battery type LiFePo4 10.24 kWh


In addition to family houses, we also install photovoltaic power plants on commercial buildings, such as this company in Milevsko in the South Bohemia Region. A PV plant with an output of 75.9 kWp was installed there. The company will not only save on energy costs, but will also contribute to sustainable development by producing green energy.

Power plant parameters

Type of realization Company
Production 75.9 kWp
Panels 138x Mono PERC 550 W
Inverter 6x 12 kW
Battery type 7x LiFePo4 10.24 kWh

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