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Smart driving
SOMI photovoltaic power plants

Based on the chosen strategy, the SOMI system autonomously decides how much of the generated electricity to use to cover immediate consumption and how much to store in batteries, how much to sell to the grid at the highest possible price and how much to buy at a low price.
It maximizes profits from production and savings on purchases.

How exactly does SOMI do it


The brain of the plant is a unique control module with artificial intelligence.

It continuously processes data on the current power plant output, consumption of the customer site, sunshine forecasts and current electricity market prices on the OTE exchange.


Depending on your chosen strategy, it prefers to make a financial profit from sales, cover your consumption or charge your batteries.

If the sun is not shining and the electricity is not available, they buy electricity from the grid at the lowest possible price in time. In doing so, it learns from your consumption curves and adapts its behaviour to your actual needs.

It can operate in both on-grid (standard) and off-grid (island) mode.


Operating the system is extremely simple and can be easily mastered even by a complete layman. The module communicates with the mobile application. With a single tap you choose your strategy and don't worry about the rest. There are clear statistics that you may or may not be concerned with.

Communication with the system works reliably even during occasional internet outages.

Solar power forecast

Modul SOMI sleduje předpověď slunečního svitu v dané lokalitě. Může proto odhadnout the production potential of the power plant in the next few hours and adapt the implementation of the preferred strategy to it.

Strategies to trade electricity

The algorithm follows stock exchange pricese and sells the electricity it generates when it is most expensive. In doing so, they think about the state of charge of the batteries and future consumption. When electricity is expected to be scarce, it buys it in time for the hours with the lowest price. This significantly increases the profit on production and the savings on purchasing.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence in the control module with quickly learn when you need electricity more and when less. They will adjust their decision whether to store, sell or buy electricity accordingly.

Three operating modes

Automatic mode monitors consumption coverage, optimises the purchase, sale and storage of electricity with respect to the current price. Profit mode prefers to buy and sell energy in order to maximize profit, regardless of consumption. It is ideal for extended stays away from home or on company holidays. V storage mode maximum energy is stored, which is useful, for example, before a planned grid outage.

Extremely easy to use

The SOMI system is fully autonomous. No knowledge or operator required. However, you can allow him to inform you of certain operational events. They will recommend you then, for example, switching on heavy appliances at a time when cheap electricity is plentiful.

How to get a smart
SOMI photovoltaic power plant

Complete and submit non-binding inquiry, we will send you a customized calculation within 3 days.
You will be contacted by a sales representative who will discuss the procedure and details of the implementation with you, sign the contract and pay the deposit.
You will be visited by a technician who will then draw up the project documentation.
We will handle all the documentation including the application for subsidy for you.
We will carry out the installation within a few weeks, at the latest within 4 months after signing the contract.
The subsidy will be paid within 6-9 weeks after the first parallel connection.

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