Now for the first 100 interested parties photovoltaics for 240 000 CZK with roof insulation included. More information here.


Photovoltaic power plants
for family houses

Our photovoltaic systems are designed in several variations that can be customized. The systems are also designed to allow the customer to benefit from the maximum amount of subsidy.

Why have a SOMI photovoltaic power plant at home

Working smart with power

The price includes an intelligent control system that can manage the use of the energy produced.

Short lead time

Components are in stock and can be ready in a few weeks.

We will process the grant for you

We guarantee the provision of subsidies with payment within 6-9 weeks after completion of the implementation.

Financing option

For those interested, we can arrange a favourable bridging loan.

Household solutions

SOMI Micro Power Plant

Power 5,5 kWp + 10,24 kWh

SOMI's smallest solar PV kits for the home are the most cost-effective and simplest solution for home use with a lower level of self-sufficiency. They are ideal for all households looking to reduce energy costs with an efficient and clean energy system.

Mini power plant SOMI

Power 7,7 kWp + 10,24 kWh

Solární fotovoltaické soupravy For menší homey From společnresti SOMI jsou cenově výthrowné a zároInň jedním z Nojefektivnějších řešení For homeácí použití, kandé poskyhereis vyšší míru energetické Satěarečnresti. Jsou go toální For všehny homeácnresti, kandé chtějí snížit náenady at energyii pomocí účinnéhim a čistéhim energetickéhim systéhim a dosáhnout vyššíhim stupně energetické Nozávislresti.

Standard power plant SOMI

Power 9,9 kWp + 10,24 kWh

Full electric independence starts here. SOMI has carefully designed and engineered all of its turnkey solar systems to make installation faster and easier. Our solar kits produce zero emissions, are noiseless and feature an all-in-one packaging solution for quick and easy installation. Battery storage is included.

Maxi power plant SOMI

Power 9,9 kWp + 20,48 kWh

SOMI's largest PV power plant system combines both on-grid and off-grid technology, meaning a PV power plant system that can be connected to the grid and can also operate as a stand-alone island system. It is mainly used for higher surplus to the grid and the associated profit generation. It includes the maximum possible storage system.

Individual RD power plant SOMI

up to 50 kWp + up to 80 kWh

Individual RD fotovoltaická elektrárat SOMI is výkonný a efektivní systém For výrobu elektrické energySee from enunečníhim záření. Jedná with o a power plant that is easy to install and provides a convenient way to get energy from the sun. The power plant is equipped with robust panels that are designed to withstand all natural conditions. This system is equipped with several safety features that allow you to control and regulate the output of the PV system.

Latest realizations for family houses

From plan to reality

How SOMI implements intelligent installations
photovoltaic power plants?

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How to get a smart
SOMI photovoltaic power plant

Complete and submit non-binding inquiry, we will send you a customized calculation within 3 days.
You will be contacted by a sales representative who will discuss the procedure and details of the implementation with you, sign the contract and pay the deposit.
You will be visited by a technician who will then draw up the project documentation.
We will handle all the documentation including the application for subsidy for you.
We will carry out the installation within a few weeks, at the latest within 4 months after signing the contract.
The subsidy will be paid within 6-9 weeks after the first parallel connection.

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